CIVA Power Championships
 Intermediate power: Judge Performance Records for use in 2024
  Shows each Judge's consolidated RI from each event and their Judge Rank Position within the panel
  Explanatory notes:
  The JRP column shows the average "Judge Rank Position" from all consolidated championship results, i.e. the ordered Rank Position of each Judge's RI from each championship. The normal CIVA judging panel size is seven judges plus the non-contributing Chief Judge, or five with a working CJ for Intermediate. The JRP column displays the average of the ranked RI's corrected as though each panel had seven members. The overall CJ Analysis from each event can be viewed by clicking the button at the top of the relevant data columns.
  For a full explanation of the CIVA Judge Selection procedure please visit:


O/all     JRP RI JRP RI
Rodolphe Herve GBR 1.00     1 8.79    
Johnnie Smith RSA 1.00            
Algis Orlickas LTU 1.17         1 7.40
Steff Hau GER 2.00     2 9.62    
Galyna Suprunenko UKR 2.67         2 10.47
Rene Meijier NED 4.00     4 16.00    
Violetta Gedminaite LTU 4.20            
Bela Guraly HUN 4.22     3 10.80 4 11.30
Eladi Lozano ESP 4.25     5 16.40 3 10.84
Bernard Courtois FRA 5.60            
Richard Ponizil CZE 6.00     6 16.57    
Zuzana Danihelova CZE 6.00            
Nick Buckenham GBR 7.00            
Luca Andraghetti ITA 7.00     7 17.86    
Csaba Pakai ROM 7.00         6 13.83

Number of Judges

15         7   6  
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